MAYOR 640/ 770/ 820

The roller with the golden hoof step® plays out its advantages all year round:

  • Rolling – before or after sowing
  • Crusts break with silty seeds
  • Rolling of wintered-out cereal stands in early spring to stimulate tillering.
  • Establishing undersowing in cereals
  • Professional grassland management (stimulate tillering, guarantee the necessary soil closure for reseeding).
  • Corn Borer Control.


MAYOR 640/ 770/ 820
Three roller sections characterize the Mayor series. Even in this class, they provide good ground hugging.
– Self-cleaning prism roller® – Ø 45/50 cm
– Robust cast iron, proven over many years
– Drawbar with lower link hitch – thus full steering angle of 90 degrees possible
– Hydraulic folding incl. Pressure compensation
– Swinging folding hinges with height-adjustable outriggers, pressure compensation, automatic belt tensioning,
– Warning sign with lighting
– Optionally with leveling rail or ripper board
– General operating permit standard for 40 km/h!!!

This way you are agile!
The roller can be lifted out with the undercarriage at any time in no time at all.

So you can without any problems:
– push back into corners
– cross a dirt road to the next plot of land
Parking with unloaded wheels
If the roller is to be parked for a longer period of time, then the wheels can be relieved and the roller can be lowered until it stands completely with all roller stars on the ground.
So the tires are certainly not flat!
In this way, the roller stands bombproof under all circumstances, even on slopes!

Year-round utilization: technology that pays for itself quickly

Mayor 640 with leveling bar for corn borer control with high effectiveness! The leveling bar “scalps” the corn stubble at the base. 305 prismatic tips per square meter squeeze and strike the stubble. This allows rot pathogens to enter and decompose the stubble, making the corn borer “homeless.”

Only with Güttler: Turning in tight spaces without damaging erasing. This is because all roller elements are arranged in alignment. Here: Mayor 640 after sowing corn

Typical Güttler roller:

An ideal seedbed
tight at the bottom, loose at the top
Fine soil below – best seed embedding
Coarse crumbs on top – heavy rain can soak into the soil, best siltation protection!

With this you are always on the safe side!

Mayor 640: Roll on frozen winter seeds in early spring. The roots of the culture get reconnected to the capillary water. Don’t be afraid of leaf injury: Our grandfathers regularly harrowed winter wheat sharply in spring to stimulate tillering!

Particularly important on grassland: All roller elements are arranged in alignment. Therefore, you can turn on the spot, without harmful erasing. Hitching not to the towing jaw, but to the lower links of the tractor. The pivot point is therefore behind the tractor, therefore a steering angle of 90 degrees is possible without collision with the drawbar!

Mayor 640 combined with a GreenMaster 600: The 5-in-1 system for professional maintenance, reseeding and new seeding of grassland. More and better feed, higher basic feed performance, healthier animals! In short: More milk from grass!

Güttler roller combined with GreenMaster 600: Successfully cultivate catch crops with enormous power and at low cost!

Mayor 640 combined with a GreenMaster 600: Where the soil fits for seedbed preparation with a difference!


MAYOR 640/ 770/ 820

Required control units for hydraulics:

  • 1 x dw for folding and pressure compensation
  • 1 x dw for the chassis

Standard equipment

  • Self-cleaning prism roller® Ø45/50 cm / cast iron
  • Drawbar with lower link hitch cat. 2
  • Chassis with wheels 15.0/55-17 10 PR
  • Hydraulic folding incl. hydr. Pressure compensation
  • automatic belt tensioning
  • Unlocking by cable conveniently from the tractor
  • Warning signs with LED lighting
  • EC type approval to obtain the general. Operating permit required for driving on public roads


MAYOR 640/ 770/ 820

Leveling rail or ripper board (option)

Our new series can be optionally expanded with a leveling rail (e.g. for corn stalk control) or a Ripperboard Quattro.

Mayor 770 with Ripperboard Quattro: scarify rapeseed stubble and thereby stimulate volunteer rapeseed to germinate. Stubble and stalks will strike, so the rotting will start faster. The aggressive Ripperboard Quattro also proves itself best for seedbed preparation after plowing or a deep cultivator stroke!

Mayor 640 for seedbed preparation: As soon as the soil has aerated and turns gray, it can be crumbled, leveled and reconsolidated very well with the Güttler roller. Precious germination water is conserved, subsequent seedbed preparation is easier and more effective.


MAYOR 640/ 770/ 820


MAYOR 640/ 770/ 820
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MAYOR 640/ 770/ 820
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