- as reliable as our machines

What floors? Which cultures? What possibilities and machines?

It’s good that there are reliable answers. With GÜTTLER® in
. In
. And on (almost) all continents of this

Service at GÜTTLER® starts with two B’s like “Best advice”. Why is this so important to us?

Because the best machine is only as good as it meets your particular requirements. The knowledge and experience gained over some 60 years have made us proven experts in soil structure and agricultural technology.
We are happy to pass on this know-how. Profit from it.

Where there are fields and grassland, there is GÜTTLER®.

Our machines are premium products and designed to last. Proven on hundreds of thousands of acres of cropland, grassland, or row crops. On light, sandy, stony, heavy or clay soils. For 10, 20 years and often more.

Then why service is necessary at all? Because despite the robust design of our Prismatic Rollers® and equipment, something may not run so smoothly. Good to know that GÜTTLER® is then near you. For this purpose, we have established a close-knit service and Distribution network network. In Germany. Europe-wide. In Canada, in Japan and New Zealand. So that we can help you if the worst comes to the worst. And fast.