Year-round utilization, versatile use, fast payback – our heavy-duty self-cleaning prismatic roller® convinces with enormous performance.

In field and grassland.

This is how you secure your field emergences!

  • Fine soil at the bottom – best seed embedding, the seed has connection to the capillarity.
  • Coarse crumbs on top – this is the best way to prevent soil wash-off and incrustation!



MATADOR - The areas of application

The areas of application are:

  • Professional grassland maintenance
  • Pre-sowing or post-sowing rolling: Pre-sowing rolling provides the user with an optimal, water-bearing seedbed – the fine soil is in the seed horizon, coarse crumbs on top: protection against siltation and drifting.
  • Establishment of undersowing
  • Intercrop tillage
  • Corn borer control
  • Also ideal for rolling up wintered-out seeds in early spring, restoring soil fertility and stimulating tillering.
  • On canola stubble: volunteer canola and weeds are encouraged to germinate.

Working widths range from 4.18 m to 6.18 m with weights from 1700 to 2400 kg. Standard equipment includes the self-cleaning Prismatic Roller® 45/50 cm ø with 305 prismatic tips per sqm and hydraulic folding.


MATADOR 15 to 41

The Matador is a real all-rounder. With high impact power. Can be used all year round in arable and grassland. Ideal for small and medium-sized businesses.

  • Self-cleaning prism roller®, rigid
  • Diameter 45/50 cm, sturdy cast iron
  • 3-point attachment for front and rear

MATADOR 420 / 460 / 510 / 610

Enormous impact, year-round use, unsurpassed even on wet soils, fast payback and excellent at top agrar*. Our big all-rounder is the star with contractors and large farms.

  • Self-cleaning prism roller®
  • Diameter 45/50 cm, sturdy cast iron
  • 3-point attachment for front and rear
  • Hydraulically foldable

* top agrar system comparison: No place for borer! 5/2014


Matador 151,41 m1,50 m556 kg
Matador 161,53 m1,62 m592 kg
Matador 222,10 m2,18 m807 kg
Matador 252,36 m2,45 m850 kg
Matador 272,57 m2,65 m917 kg
Matador 302,92 m3,00 m1.030 kg
Matador 323,10 m3,18 m1.091 kg
Matador 343,33 m3,45 m1.238 kg
Matador 414,05 m4,13 m1.453 kg

Standard equipment

  • Self-cleaning prism roller® Ø45/50 cm, cast iron
  • Three point tower cat. 2
  • End wiper
  • Support foot U (Matador 1.5 to 4.1 meters rigid)
  • Hydraulic folding (Matador 4.2 to 6.1 meters hydraulic folding)


  • Warning sign with lighting
  • pneumatic seeder
  • Stem tools for front attachment
    • Levelling bar for corydalis control
    • FlatSpring hydraulically adjustable
    • Tine attachment 3-bar
    • Rear pivot tower for rear attachment with preliminary tools

Arable farming

The heavy field rollers are perfect

  • for rolling before or after sowing,
  • as an intelligent front weight to the seed,
  • for the establishment of undersown crops,
  • to roll up wintered-out seeds in the spring and stimulate tillering,
  • for the control of the European corn borer.

Grassland care at its best

Farmer Johannes Sams, Neumarkt am Wallersee, reports:

“We regularly reseed our grassland. However, re-rolling with the smooth roller only produced unsatisfactory results. Since we have been using the Matador 30, the emergences have been right. We also notice that the roller stimulates tillering. New seedings are also succeeding very well. In the meantime, we are also rolling all the arable crops with the Matador and achieving very high and, above all, very uniform field emergence, which we did not know before. Despite 1300 mm of precipitation per year, silting is not an issue. My initial skepticism has since given way to the conviction that this was a worthwhile investment!”

Matador 30 on the power harrow for seedbed preparation
Matador 610 in front for the control of corydalis

Larger and heavier roller stars?

Self-cleaning prismatic roller with diameter 45 / 50 cm

As the inventor of the prismatic roller, we hope you will trust us to be able to realize larger and heavier roller stars at any time and with ease. So why don’t we do it, when the whole world is striving for “bigger and bigger” and “heavier and heavier”? The answer is quite simple: more than forty years of experience teach us that our soils usually do not suffer from a lack of reconsolidation, but rather often enough from excessive compaction caused by the use of heavy machinery. Since our rollers can also be used on damp floors due to their excellent self-cleaning properties, we believe that caution is more than appropriate! Not always you notice the emergence of soil damage at first sight! Not only in arable farming, but also on grassland. There, heavy equipment in wet soil very quickly leads to dense bearing of the soil. The consequences are a lack of oxygen in the root zone and stagnant growth.

All-rounder in front operation A customer report by Henning Sudenn

Henning Sudenn, Sudenn GmbH & Co. KG, Varrel, Diepholz district. The contractor has been operating a 6 m wide prismatic roller type Matador since 2012.

As a contractor, I see the biogas boom with one eye crying and one eye laughing: the areas under combine harvesters have declined rapidly. In turn, the single-grain sowing of corn has grown. In doing so, I have found time and time again that the reconsolidation of the seedbed by farmers is completely different.

Therefore, I was looking for a front packer that I could combine together with the 8-row precision air seeder. During the tests, the Matador roller from GÜTTLER® convinced me. Firstly, it replaces the “dead” front ballast on the tractor. On the other hand, it creates an optimum, even seedbed in sandy soil thanks to the large ring diameter of the Prism roller®. Even with 10 mm of precipitation, after waiting an hour in our sandy soil, I can continue sowing corn.

In practice, the Matador has become a real all-rounder. For grassland reseeding I lend the roller. It is coupled to the rear hydraulics with the seed tank mounted. The grassland harrow from GÜTTLER® is installed in the front linkage. This means that the team is well balanced. On the level, a 120 hp tractor at six meters working width is enough. The good work results of the machine combination quickly got around. I had not expected such a high demand for grassland renewal. This has enabled me to gain additional new customers.

The Matador roller has also proven its worth in corn borer control. Combined with the harrow, it runs on about 500 ha in 2012 to control the pest. Even in direct comparison with a special device for beetle control, the Matador was able to convince with equally good results.


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Matador 420/460/510/560/610 – Die Säwalze – das Multitalent für’s ganze Jahr.SäWalze MATADOR 45/50 von 1,50m – 6,29 m Front/Heck DIN A4Betriebsanleitung Matador 420-610Betriebsanleitung Mediana 1,1-3,2 Meter / Matador 1,5-4,1Meter (4-sprachig)
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