Güttler GmbH, Kirchheim/Teck

" Convincing agricultural technology for crop production - satisfied customers, for more than 40 years. "

"Effective tillage while protecting precious soil structure!"

This idea runs like a thread through our company history:

Starting with the development of the “roller with the golden hoof-step®” more than 40 years ago. From the GreenMaster range of equipment for professional grassland maintenance and reseeding, essential for economical meat and milk production, to the SuperMaxx fine cultivators.

These are true all-season implements, from seedbed preparation after plow and cultivator, to gentle incorporation of slurry, to shallow, water-saving stubble cultivation with huge impact power and moderate fuel consumption with relatively small tractors.

In all cases, this is associated with excellent mechanical weed control at the same time. This is not only valuable for organic farms, but generally helps to effectively address increasing herbicide resistance and reduce chemical use.

Pioneer and inventor

Fritz Güttler

"For seedbed preparation in the spring, you must work shallow, and not touch the water-bearing capillary!"

Fritz Güttler brought this motto to the people as sales manager of a well-known machine factory starting in 1960. Generations of farmers have grown up with it. In 1976, due to changing conditions in agriculture, he became convinced that in the future it would be necessary to work deeper and then reconsolidate. Thus, he became a pioneer of reconsolidation:

  • In 1976, his prismatic roller was patented. A tool for the ideal soil structure of the seedbed.
  • His order applies: bottom tight – top loose, crumbly. The factors for rapid field emergence and vital stands.
  • 1993 The 2nd generation of the prismatic roller becomes a global success.
  • 1995 The first roller made of plastic – a revolution.

Fritz Güttler – the roller pioneer

Hans Güttler – Managing Director

The entrepreneur

Hans Güttler

With him, the company continues to grow:

  • 1997 The harrow for the magnum
  • 2000 The grassland care
  • 2001 The Master Series
  • 2005 The Mayor chassis roller
  • 2005 The GreenMaster System
  • 2007 The SuperMaxx, gentle on the ground
  • 2009 The SuperMaxx with 12 m
  • 2013 The GreenSeeder
  • 2014 The GreenManager fruit / viticulture
  • 2015 The RollFix
  • 2017 SuperMaxx, 7-bar
  • 2021 GreenMaster tine seed



What makes us tick.

We are not mere mechanical engineers. First and foremost are you and your crop production requirements. Because we know what is important from a crop production point of view, we can develop adequate technical solutions. And results like these can only be achieved if you live and love what you do and are never satisfied with what you have achieved.

This attitude runs like a thread through our company history. Sustainability also counts for us in our relationships with others, be they employees, suppliers or customers.

GÜTTLER®: The roller pioneer from southern Germany

Sustainability is a major concern for us. And that in a double sense:

  • Protect and preserve the soil structure and fertility of your soils.
  • Build robust machines with the longest possible service life and high utility.

Tomorrow in view

The agriculture of the future faces enormous challenges. The reasons for this are significantly more extreme weather conditions, increasing resistance to crop protection products, and the growing interference of politics and public opinion.

This forces changes in the way we do business. Reduce costs and increase revenues. And at the same time operate sustainably and in a way that protects the soil.
Yes, we all know it: your soil is your most valuable asset and should not be treated like dirt. After all, they want to pass it on to the next generation.

Reason enough for the topic “soil structure” and thus reason enough for “Güttler”.

This attitude runs like a thread through our company history. Sustainability also counts for us in our relationships with others, be they employees, suppliers or customers.



Güttler GmbH, Kirchheim unter Teck

The central administration of Güttler GmbH is in Kirchheim/Teck. Development, marketing, sales, purchasing, finance and central customer service are located here. Our development workshop deals exclusively with special designs, small series and prototypes.

Güttler KFT, Hódmezôvásárhely (Hungary)

In Hungary, at the subsidiary Güttler KFT in Hódmezôvásárhely (Southern Hungary – near Szeged), the trailed rollers OffSet, Master and Magnum, all hydraulically folding front attachments, as well as the complete SuperMaxx series from 3 to 12 meters working width are manufactured today.

Production partner

In Amerdingen you will find our training center. The assembly and shipment of GreenMaster and Mayor trailed rollers also takes place there.
We look forward to welcoming you personally to our training center for a free course. Please with previous Appointment coordination.