Super Maxx® CULTI

30-5 / 50-5 / 60-5 five bar

The soil-friendly concept: crumbling and reconsolidation with a light roller.


Super Maxx® CULTI
SuperMaxx® 60-5 CULTI

The soil-saving concept with a light roller!

If you are primarily looking for a “classic” implement with a roller for seedbed preparation after the plow, the Super Maxx® CULTI is the perfect choice:

  • The RollFix roller Ø 45 cm made of lightweight but robust synthetic Ultra takes over the depth control completely.
  • So this lightweight roller has the necessary “combat weight” at work
  • Consequently, training wheels are not required.
  • However, their light weight is very welcome when turning and on the road: Tractor, implement and ground are spared!

ROLLFIX ROLLERS: Almost 50% lighter than steel! Optimal crumbling and reconsolidation

During work, the lightweight RollFix roller is loaded by the weight of the machine and can thus crumble and reconsolidate optimally. On the road and when turning, its moderate weight is very welcome. Due to the long lever arm, every kilogram has a very strong effect.

The perfect seedbed

Levelling plank in front of the RollFix roller as standard

Easy to adjust and little susceptible to clogging. For stubble cultivation, it is taken out of service with a flick of the wrist.

The double leaf spring doubles the resistance of our tines 45x12 mm. So they correspond to spring tines of dimension 90x12 mm!

Tines 70x12 or 45x12 with double leaf spring???

We use tines of dimension 45×12 with double blade suspension with progressive characteristic!

The resistance of tines in comparison:

  • Dimension 45×12 mm alone = 100%
  • Dimension 70×12 mm = 156
  • Dimension 45×12 + double leaf spring = 200 %!!!
  • The double leaf spring also gives the tines lateral support!

Our tines convince with their progressive characteristics:

  • When working flat, they generate a lot of fine earth with high-frequency vibrations
  • With deep machining up to a maximum of 15 cm, they have the necessary stability, even laterally!

They have proven themselves in considerable numbers since 2007! Also on hard, dried clay soils as well as under stony conditions!

  • Narrow line spacing of only 13 cm
  • Ground clearance under the tine array 56 cm
Super Maxx® CULTI 60-5

Super Maxx® CULTI five-bar standard equipment

  • robust spring tines with double leaf suspension
  • Line spacing 13 cm / ground clearance under tine array 56 cm
  • Levelling plank with “floating guide
  • RollFix roller 45 cm made of durable synthetic Ultra (proven in large numbers since 1995)
  • Warning signs with lighting


Super Maxx® CULTI
Super Maxx® 30-5 CULTI2,85 m3,00 m1.065 kg
Super Maxx® 50-5 CULTI4,80 m2,50 m1.980 kg
Super Maxx® 60-5 CULTI5,80 m2,50 m2.190 kg

Standard equipment

  • Levelling plank for leveling
  • RollFix Ø45 cm Synthetic Ultra
  • Warning signs with LED lighting


Super Maxx® CULTI
NEW! Goosefoot coulter 200 mm
  • Harrow behind the RollFix roller
  • Narrow shares 5 cm with carbide coating
  • NEW ! Goosefoot coulter 200 mm
  • Support wheels at the front, to relieve the RollFix roller in wet conditions – gentle on the ground!
  • Protective tarpaulin for the tines for road travel
  • Pneumatic seeder 410 liters, with hydraulic fan, for intercrops
Gentle on the ground: front support wheels (option)

Support wheels at the front (option) = reclamping variable from 0 to 100%.

For working wet soils (e.g. incorporating slurry), the optionally available front support wheels are recommended.
This allows you to regulate the pressure on the RollFix roller between 0 and 100%, depending on the soil moisture and condition, by allowing the support wheels to carry more or less accordingly. Thus, moist soils are not “tamped down” with brute force, but the soil structure is protected! The drier the soil, the stronger the reconsolidation can be selected.

Super Maxx® CULTI - following harrow for the RollFix roller

Following harrow for RollFix roller (option)

The spring tines of the Super Maxx® loosen weeds on the ground and move them upwards. The immediately following Roll-Fix roller partially presses them back on so that they could continue to grow undisturbed. Hence the robust post-harrow: it combs through the seedbed with 13 cm line spacing and thus safely brings the weeds to the surface, where they quickly dry out and die. In addition to weed control, the harrow adds the “finishing touch” to your seedbed.


Super Maxx® CULTI


Super Maxx® CULTI
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Super Maxx® CULTI
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