OffSet® 480 / 640

The OffSet® 640 was specially developed for combination with a hydraulically adjustable FlatSpring. Such combinations are in particularly high demand on the Eastern European markets: heavy, clayey soils are widespread there. Such soils should not be allowed to totally dry out and harden after basic tillage (plow, cultivator or disc harrow deep). So you work them as soon as they turn gray and can still be crumbled. In this regard, trailed, passive equipment is superior to PTO-driven machines in terms of area output, purchase price, wear and operating costs. The larger the operations, the more this applies. Of course, the FlatSpring can be hydraulically disengaged at any time, so that a pure roller is then also available for versatile use in the field and on grassland.


OffSet® 480 / 640

OffSet® 640 with FlatSpring

Allow plow furrow to flash off and turn gray

  • then level, crumble and reconsolidate
  • Preserve valuable germination water
  • save operations on the subsequent order!

This series has been proven since 2016 and can be optionally combined with a FlatSpring. For even better leveling and crumbling of the soil. Otherwise, it also convinces with its good properties.

  • Self-cleaning prism roller®
  • Diameter 45/50 cm
  • Robust casting
  • Drawbar with lower link hitch
  • Lighting
  • Combination device for GreenSeeder (tiller extension!)
  • Optional with FlatSpring

OffSet® Folding


OffSet® 480 / 640
OffSet® 4804,80 m2,40 m2.555 kg
mit Flatspring 4802.950 kg
OffSet® 6406,30 m2,40 m2.940 kg
mit Flatspring 6403.320 kg*

*Total weights over 3,000 kg require an operating license to drive on public roads in Germany!

Standard equipment

  • Self-cleaning prism roller® Ø45/50 cm cast iron
  • Drawbar with lower link hitch cat. 2
  • Chassis with wheels 11.5/80-15 10 PR
  • Hydraulic folding
  • Warning signs with LED lighting
  • Expert opinion for obtaining the general. Operating license
    Required for driving on public roads (Only for OffSet® 640)


OffSet® 480 / 640
  • Flat Spring with hydraulic adjustment
  • pneumatic seeder 410 liters with hydraulic fan
  • Drawbar extension, necessary for the seeder or for coupling with a GreenSeeder® 600

Larger and heavier roller stars?

Self-cleaning prism roller® with diameter 45 / 50 cm

As the inventor of the Prism Roll®, we hope you will trust us to be able to realize larger and heavier roll stars at any time and with ease. So why don’t we do it, when the whole world is striving for “bigger and bigger” and “heavier and heavier”? The answer is quite simple: more than forty years of experience teach us that our soils usually do not suffer from a lack of reconsolidation, but rather often enough from excessive compaction caused by the use of heavy machinery. Since our rollers can also be used on damp floors due to their excellent self-cleaning properties, we believe that caution is more than appropriate! Not always you notice the emergence of soil damage at first sight! Not only in arable farming, but also on grassland. There, heavy equipment in wet soil very quickly leads to dense bearing of the soil. The consequences are a lack of oxygen in the root zone and stagnant growth.


OffSet® 480 / 640


OffSet® 480 / 640
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OffSet® 480 / 640
Anhängewalze Offset 640 DIN A4Betriebsanleitung OffSet 480-640
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