Master 640 / 770 / 820

Because of their center-suspended pendulum frames, they are unsurpassed in ground hugging. Reliably dodge even large stones.

These professional rollers are incredibly robust. Safe on public roads. And so versatile and maneuverable
like all trailed rollers from GÜTTLER®.


Master 640 / 770 / 820
Master trailed roller

The professional roller for versatile use on arable land and grassland. Center-suspended, drawn pendulum frames – only available from Güttler®!

  • Self-cleaning prism roller® Ø 45/50 cm
  • Four pendulum suspended roller sections (unique selling point since 1976!)
    • adapt excellently to the ground and scan all unevenness.
    • can pass large stones – the roller stars are protected
    • are arranged pulled, therefore smooth running, even at high speed!
    • have proven themselves since 1976!
  • Combination unit for GreenMaster 600 to 800
  • Optionally with flat spring or seeder

Excellent. Soil adaptation. Safety with stones.

The pendulum frame technology from GÜTTLER® is unique. It provides tremendous adaptability to uneven surfaces. Large stones can be dodged and overcome by the pendulum frames without breaking the roller stars. Our pendulum frames have been proven for more than 40 years. Even the first Güttler roller from 1976 was equipped with it! The all-season equipment is suitable for rolling before and after sowing, for rolling high-frozen winter seeds, for tillering stimulation. Safe seed emergences. Ideal also in grassland management.

Thanks to the centrally suspended pendulum frames, the roller stars precisely scan every bump in the ground! Where can you find something comparable?

Tight turning circle. No erasing.

Tight turning and high maneuverability despite large working widths – a unique advantage of all GÜTTLER® trailed rollers. All roller axes are arranged in alignment. Thus, it is possible to turn on the spot. Without erasing. And without damaging valuable crops.

Pneumatic seeder optional

The risk of collision with the drawbar? Excluded. The drawbar sits behind the tractor wheels and therefore allows full steering angle.

Master 640 – extremely maneuverable: For pushing back, the Güttler roller can be placed on the chassis in no time at all.

Roll wintered grain stands in early spring:

  • The roots regain contact with the water-bearing soil capillaries.
  • The roller leaves a loose, crumbly surface:
    • Valuable winter moisture is preserved
    • The gas exchange gets going quickly. Among other things, this also causes rapid soil warming
    • Precipitation does not run off the surface, but quickly soaks into the ground
  • Leaf and node injuries stimulate tillering immensely!

Do not be afraid of leaf and knot injuries! It was common practice among our grandfathers to harrow winter cereals sharply in the spring to stimulate tillering. Stocking stimulation can be used strategically, especially in arid areas:

  • By deliberately sowing thinly in the fall so that stocks do not go into winter too lush.
  • And that then in early spring the tilling is targeted to build up the desired stand density (mechanical stimuli by rolling or harrowing, or fertilizer application).
  • Strong tillering also means stronger root development. Such stands last a little longer in drought conditions because they have better access to water!

Master 640 combined with heavy cultivator for water-saving stubble cultivation or seedbed preparation.

Another advantage of arranging all roller elements in alignment:

Unlike the conventional design of trailed rollers, where the roller elements are offset from each other, the height of the drawbar plays a minor role in the work of the Mayor, Master and Magnum rollers! This circumstance facilitates the coupling with advancing devices immensely!


Master 640 / 770 / 820
Master 6406,30 m3,00 m1.180 kg2.170 kg3.350 kg*
Master 7707,60 m3,00 m1.260 kg2.440 kg3.700 kg*
Master 8208,10 m3,00 m1.320 kg2.580 kg3.900 kg*

*Total weights over 3,000 kg require an operating license to drive on public roads in Germany!

Required hydraulic control units:

  • 2 dw for the master roller (folding and chassis)
  • 2 dw for the Flat Spring (folding and tilt adjustment)

Standard equipment

  • Self-cleaning prism roller® Ø45/50 cm cast iron
  • Four pendulum elements with 3D ground adjustment
  • Drawbar with lower link hitch cat. 2
  • Chassis with wheels 15.0/55-17 10 PR
  • Hydraulic folding
  • Warning signs with LED lighting
  • Expert opinion for obtaining the general. Operating permit required for driving on public roads


Master 640 / 770 / 820
  • TÜV certificate to obtain the operating license according to STVZO (individual acceptance). This is required for all master rollers to drive on public roads.
  • Air brake (2-circuit system) – only required by STVZO when equipped with a Flat Spring 770. Reason: The axle load is then over 3,000 kg!
  • Tires 19.0/45-17 / 14PR
  • pneumatic seeder 660 liters with hydraulic fan

Larger and heavier roller stars?

Self-cleaning prism roller® with diameter 45 / 50 cm

As the inventor of the Prism Roll®, we hope you will trust us to be able to realize larger and heavier roll stars at any time and with ease. So why don’t we do it, when the whole world is striving for “bigger and bigger” and “heavier and heavier”? The answer is quite simple: more than forty years of experience teach us that our soils usually do not suffer from a lack of reconsolidation, but rather often enough from excessive compaction caused by the use of heavy machinery. Our Güttler rollers can also be used on damp floors due to their excellent self-cleaning properties. In our opinion, caution is more than appropriate with foreign makes! Not always you notice the emergence of soil damage at first sight! Not only in arable farming, but also on grassland. There, heavy equipment in wet soil very quickly leads to dense bearing of the soil. The consequences are a lack of oxygen in the root zone and stagnant growth.


Master 640 / 770 / 820


Master 640 / 770 / 820
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Master 640 / 770 / 820
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