Super Maxx® 1000/1200 – 7 BIO

The giants among the spring tooth harrows:

  • 10 or 12 meters working width
  • with undercarriage and air brake system
  • convincingly maneuverable despite its size – like all GÜTTLER® large spring tooth harrows.


Super Maxx® 1000/1200 – 7 BIO

SuperMaxx® 1000-7 Bio resp. 1200-7 Bio

The soil-protecting concept of Güttler® without roller, transferred to large farms: Huge impact power in the field thanks to enormous working widths of 10 or 12 meters and convincingly maneuverable at the same time. Safe on the road: With chassis and air brake system.

  • Soil-protecting concept without roller
  • Depth control by support wheels at the front or by the undercarriage at the rear
  • Frame structure 7-beam, huge passageway
  • FlatSpring hydraulically adjustable for leveling
  • Following harrow single row with robust 12 mm tines, height and inclination adjustment
  • Hydraulic folding and transport lock
  • Area output up to 12 ha/h

Versatile year-round use - technology that pays off!

Year-round high capacity utilization – exemplary economy!

  • Seedbed preparation after disc harrow or cultivator
  • Pull up wet areas before sowing. The deaerated soil and can then be crumbled and reconsolidated ideally with a Güttler roller. Your precious soils are protected, a stable crumb structure conserves valuable germination water on the one hand, but on the other hand allows heavy rain to soak in quickly and thus acts safely against erosion and silting.
  • Water-saving stubble cultivation up to a maximum depth of 15 cm with huge area output and moderate fuel consumption
  • starch-free incorporation of liquid manure

And free on top with every operation: effective mechanical weed control. An important contribution to avoid herbicide resistance!

The double leaf spring doubles the resistance of our tines 45x12 mm. So they correspond to spring tines of dimension 90x12 mm!

Which tine is more resistant: the dimension 70x12 or 45x12 with double blade suspension?

The resistance of tines in comparison:

  • Dimension 45×12 mm alone = 100%
  • Dimension 70×12 mm = 156
  • Dimension 45×12 + double leaf spring = 200 %!!!
  • The double leaf spring also gives the tines lateral support!

Our tines convince with their progressive charateristics:

  • When working flat, they generate a lot of fine earth with high-frequency vibrations
  • With deep machining up to a maximum of 15 cm, they have the necessary stability, even laterally!

They have proven themselves in considerable numbers since 2007! Also on hard, dried clay soils as well as under stony conditions!

  • Narrow line spacing of only 13 cm
  • Ground clearance under the tine array 56 cm
Super Maxx® 1200 - 7 BIO - Seedbed Preparation
Super Maxx® 1200 - 7 BIO - allow moist soils to flash off - then crumble and reconsolidate gently with a Güttler roller - ideal seedbed, stable crumb structure
Super Maxx® 1200 - 7 BIO - FlatSpring hydraulically adjustable for leveling
Super Maxx® 1000 - 7 BIO - shallow stubble cultivation up to max. 15 cm depth - trouble-free and gentle on the soil even in wet conditions
Super Maxx® 1200 - 7 BIO - the aggressive tines reliably pull in even hard soils - thanks to their double-blade suspension with progressive characteristic curve, they also withstand difficult conditions
Super Maxx® 1200 - 7 BIO - water-saving stubble cultivation up to a maximum depth of 15 cm - thanks to 7-bar tine arrangement, huge passage despite narrow line spacing of only 13 cm
Mechanical weed control using the example of a still ley - the spring tines lift the weeds out of the soil, the following harrow deposits them loosely on the surface so that they quickly dry up and die off
the following harrow halves the distance between the strokes of the spring tines to 6.5 cm - the weeds are transported to the surface, where they quickly dry out and die off


Super Maxx® 1000/1200 – 7 BIO
Super Maxx® 1000 - 7 BIO10,00 m3,00 m2.950 kg5.400 kg8.350 kg*
Super Maxx® 1200 - 7 BIO12,00 m3,00 m3.150 kg5.550 kg8.700 kg*

* (weight with FlatSpring) Total weights over 3,000 kg require an operating permit to drive on public roads in Germany!

Tractive effort requirement: 240 to 360 hp depending on topography

Standard equipment

  • Hydraulic folding
  • FlatSpring hydraulically adjustable
  • Following harrow
  • Chassis with air brake system
  • Warning signs with LED lighting
  • Fork protection tarpaulin
  • Expert opinion for obtaining the general. Operating permit required for driving on public roads


Super Maxx® 1000/1200 – 7 BIO
  • Narrow shares 5 cm with carbide coating
  • NEW ! Goosefoot coulters 200 mm
  • second row harrow


Super Maxx® 1000/1200 – 7 BIO


Super Maxx® 1000/1200 – 7 BIO
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Super Maxx® 1000/1200 – 7 BIO
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