Duplex® 45


45 cm diameter. Unbreakable shaved cast iron. The solid prism roller® for medium to heavy crumb soils. Working widths from 1.50 to 4 meters come with rigid frame. Working widths from 4 to 6 meters are hydraulically foldable.

  • Front unit with Duplex® prismatic roller®
  • Unbreakable in ductile iron
  • Extremely robust workmanship
  • Optionally for front or rear mounting
  • Modular system – can be retrofitted at any time: tine attachment for smart soils, 3-point tower for rear attachment
Duplex® 56


The 56 cm diameter Duplex® is made for heavy tractors and high speed. For light, sandy soils to heavy clay.

Rigid, non-folding, in working widths from 1.50 to 4 meters. Hydraulically foldable in working widths from 4 to 6 meters.

  • Front unit with Duplex® prismatic roller®
  • Unbreakable in ductile iron
  • Extremely robust workmanship
  • Optionally for front or rear mounting
  • Modular system – can be retrofitted at any time: tine attachment for smart soils, 3-point tower for rear attachment
The self-cleaning Duplex® prismatic rollers® give even heavy clay soils a loose crumb structure
The Clutenknacker
Hydraulic folding - so even large working widths are transported safely and parked in a space-saving manner.

Duplex®: The areas of application

The biting front unit can be used flexibly all year round:

  • For tilling sugar beets, corn or vegetables in the spring.
  • For canola or winter cereals in the fall.

Some types can also be used for seedbed preparation with tines in the rear. The tine attachments can be quickly attached or removed.

The rollers can also be used in the rear at any time.

A rear three-point turret can be retrofitted.

Three-point tower for the rear attachment of a duplex with tine attachment

A Duplex Prism Roller® without a tine attachment can, of course, be mounted on the front or rear without further ado. On request, we can supply a rear three-point tower, which means that your duplex, complete with tine attachment, can then also be used in the rear at any time:

  • For leveling the winter furrow in late year or light frost in winter.
  • To flash off damp soils before ordering
  • For seedbed preparation for corn, etc..
Remove the tine attachment and use the duplex behind the power harrow.

Modular construction system

The tine attachments are fastened with only 3 bolts, so they can be removed in no time at all. The Duplex Prism Roller® can thus also be used solo. For example

  • for rolling after sowing
  • combined with a power harrow for seedbed preparation for rapeseed, winter barley, sugar beets, soybeans, corn, etc.
  • for rolling intercrops
  • for breaking crusts of silty seeds
Duplex DX 420-45 folding - carries the front tank to the corn seed

The DUPLEX as a carrier for the front tank

Unless a tine attachment is fitted, there is room to support a front tank for fertilizer or seed on the Duplex. The positive consequences are:

1.) During work

  • Without a duplex to support the front tank, the tractor would become very top-heavy during work, which could possibly lead to harmful compaction.
  • Because the duplex carries the front tank during work,
    • the tractor only loads the ground with its unladen weight during work.
    • the weight of the front tank contributes to crumbling and reconsolidation and thus to a good seedbed.
    • the front axle retracts only slightly and no structural damage is to be feared

2.) When turning and on the road.

  • Balanced axle loads when turning and on the road
  • Protection of your valuable soil as well as the tractor
Duplex DX 610-56 V combined with tine seeder 6 meters

Optional front packer...

The cantilevered design of such a tine seeder, especially in combination with a full seed hopper, provides a strong front axle relief. Appropriate ballasting of the tractor, however, in turn leads to a strong top-heaviness of the tractor during work. The front axle therefore tracks deeply, so that the machine has to work unnecessarily deep at the rear to eliminate the track. In addition, the front axle may possibly cause harmful compaction. With our front packers there is a way out of this predicament!

The duplex in front not only actively crumbles and provides the necessary ground closure, but also levels at the same time. The tine seeder can therefore lay down more precisely and evenly, as evidenced by vital, uniform stands.

Duplex 610-56 V equipped with drawbar and trolley

... or as a trailer unit solo, or to combine

A drawbar with trolley can be supplied on request. Possibly supplemented by a tine attachment. This gives you a trailed tillage implement at your disposal. Both solo and combined with cultivator, disc harrow or, as here, with a seed drill.


DX 27-452,57 m2,70 m740 kg
DX 30-452,92 m3,00 m785 kg
DX 420-454,10 m3,00 m1.470 kg
DX 460-454,60 m3,00 m1.570 kg
DX 510-455,00 m3,00 m1.670 kg
DX 610-456,00 m3,00 m1.840 kg
DX 15-561,50 m1,64 m550 kg
DX 26-562,50 m2,64 m830 kg
DX 30-562,86 m3,00 m1.050 kg
DX 34-563,30 m3,42 m1.200 kg
DX 41-564,04 m4,20 m1.300 kg
DX 420-564,10 m3,00 m1.820 kg
DX 460-564,60 m3,00 m1.930 kg
DX 510-565,05 m3,00 m2.170 kg
DX 610-566,05 m3,00 m2.570 kg

Standard equipment

  • DUPLEX® Prismatic Roll® Ductile iron Ø45 cm / Ø56 cm
  • Three-point tower cat. 2 for front mounting






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Frontpacker Avant und Duplex® DIN A4Betriebsanleitung Duplex 45/56
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