The medium-heavy roller for seeding for front and rear mounting:

– Self-cleaning prism roller Ø 33/ 38 cm

– made of sturdy cast iron or lighter in semi-synthetics

This is how you secure your field emergences!

– uniform seed placement on a solid, water-bearing seed horizon

– Fine soil at the bottom – best seed embedding, the seed has connection to the capillarity.

– Coarse crumbs on top – this is the best way to prevent soil wash-off and incrustation!

This will make your subsequent weed control more effective, whether mechanical or chemical

– The weeds also go up quickly and in a single wave!



MEDIANA - The areas of application

The range of application goes from professional grassland maintenance to rolling before or after sowing, preventing silting, saving water. Optimal for stimulating tillering of wintered-out cereal stands and for breaking up crusts to save stands, e.g. in corn or sugar beets. The multi-patented Güttler® roller with the Golden Hoof Step® is also ideal for grassland maintenance and reseeding. The working widths range from 1.80 m to 8.67 m. The diameter of the roller stars is 33/38 cm.


Mediana 1.8 to 3.1 meters Rigid

A safe investment for vegetable farms or medium-sized arable farms. The medium-heavy seeding roller with a diameter of 33/38 cm is ideal for uniform reconsolidation of the soil. Fine soil at the bottom, the coarse crumbling at the top: the excellent seedbed for different crops.

Also available in lighter semi-synthetic upon request. (underweight ca.65 kg per meter ready to work)


Mediana 420 / 450 / 560 / 600

Clearly arranged despite larger working widths, easy to steer, maneuverable and with excellent ground hugging: The wide Mediana is the all-season machine for arable farming and grassland. Versatile use in front and rear.

  • self-cleaning prism roller Ø 33/38 cm
  • for front and rear mounting
  • Four pendulum frame
    • unsurpassed ground hugging
    • trailing drawn, easily steerable
  • Robust casting or light in semi-sythetic (option)
  • Swinging in the side parts to 3 meter transport width by hand or hydraulically (option)

Mediana 820 / 900

Despite the large working width

  • the roller is very clear and compact during road transport.
  • the six pendulum frames guarantee excellent ground adaptation
  • the roller can be easily steered and directed during work
  • also available in lighter semi-synthetic on request. (underweight ca.65 kg per meter ready to work)


Mediana 18 mit DPT1,84 m1,90 m495 kg
Mediana 19 mit DPT1,92 m2,00 m515 kg
Mediana 20 mit DPT2,01 m2,08 m535 kg
Mediana 21 mit DPT2,10 m2,17 m555 kg
Mediana 22 mit DPT2,19 m2,26 m575 kg
Mediana 25 mit DPT2,45 m2,53 m635 kg
Mediana 27 mit DPT2,55 m2,62 m655 kg
Mediana 30 mit DPT2,92 m3,00 m735 kg
Mediana 32 mit DPT3,10 m3,16 m775 kg
Mediana 400 Front + Heck4,10 m3,00 m1.010 kg
Mediana 450 Front + Heck4,50 m3,00 m1.360 kg
Mediana 500 Front + Heck5,00 m3,00 m1.470 kg
Mediana 560 Front + Heck5,60 m2,80 m1.530 kg
Mediana 600 Front + Heck6,00 m3,00 m1.680 kg
Mediana 820 Front8,14 m2,82 m2.610 kg
Mediana 900 Front8,67 m3,00 m2.740 kg

Mediana 1.8 to 3.1 meters Rigid

Standard equipment

  • Self-cleaning prism roller® Ø33/38 cm cast iron
  • Three point tower cat.1 and 2
  • Support foot U
  • End wiper
  • With center bearing


  • Warning signs with lighting
  • Attachment parts for the intermediate axle attachment on the Fendt implement carrier
  • pneumatic seeder for catch crops or grass seeds

Mediana 4.2 to 9.0 meters oscillating

Standard equipment

  • Self-cleaning prism roller® Ø33/38 cm cast iron
  • Three point tower cat.2
  • End wiper
  • Pendulum elements with 3D ground adjustment


  • Warning signs with LED
  • hydraulic folding


Mediana 30 sowing roller in front
Mediana 30 for seedbed preparation with power harrow
Crumble and reconsolidate in front ...
... uniform placement on a reconsolidated, water-bearing seed horizon / stable crumb structure - precipitation can soak in - best protection against silting and erosion ...
... rapid, uniform field emergence. Weed flora also goes quickly and in a wave. Effective weed control!
Mediana 6 meters in crusting silty sugar beet seeds
Mediana 600 for rolling after sowing
Rolling after sowing. Changing deposit depths due to changing floors are not to be corrected!
Rolling in front - before sowing - uniform placement on a reconsolidated seed horizon - uniform field emergence
Mediana 820 for 18 rows of 45 cm sugar beet
Mediana 820 - safe road transport, compact design, transport width under 3 meters




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Optimale Rückverfestigung bei der RübenaussaatSäWalze Mediana 33/38 D – 0,45m bis 9,0 m Front/Heck DIN A4Mediana 820-900 – für 18-reihige Einzelkornsägeräte FlyerBetriebsanleitung Mediana 820-900Betriebsanleitung Mediana 270-600Betriebsanleitung Mediana 1,1-3,2 Meter / Matador 1,5-4,1Meter (4-sprachig)
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